18 June 2008

A double shot to start


Huet, en francais, wants to stay, and I'm all for that. 

Green is playing hard to get, and I'm slightly annoyed, but I can understand his position.

Ovechkin is the man.
Boudreau is the man.
Backstrom is the man (even though).

Friday's the draft. Upon inspection of TSN.ca's research, I'm interested to see Nicholas Dechamps, Evgeni Grachev, Anton Gustaffson, Mattias Tedenby, and Jared Staal for forwards and Erik Karlsson, Aaron Ness, and David Carle for defensemen. 

And I'm interested to see if anything comes from the Zach Boychuk interview where he sang for GMGM.

Hmm. More later.